Life can involve unexpected issues around sexual health, pregnancy, mental health, general health, alcohol and drugs. It’s important to understand these issues are not uncommon. Asking for help is your first step to dealing with any issue.

Our understanding staff can help you in a confidential environment protected by privacy laws.

If you are facing an emergency, call 000.

Contact our youth services

If you have any issue causing stress or anxiety, please call the site nearest you to see if we can help or refer you to another suitable service.

Addresss: 171 Hargreaves Street
Phone: 5406 1200
Hours: 9am to 5pm

Address: 3 Seymoure Street
Phone: 5406 1200
Hours: 9am to 5pm

Kangaroo Flat
Address: 13 Helm Street
Phone: 5406 1200
Hours: 9am to 5pm

Headspace Bendigo
Address: 78-80 Pall Mall, Bendigo
Hours: Monday to Friday, 9am to 5pm
Phone: 03 5434 5345
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How can you help me?

We have programs and services supporting a range of issues faced by young people. All our youth services are free and confidential. Your information is protected by privacy laws.

The services we provide include:

Our youth clinic

We have a Youth Health Clinic at our Bendigo site – 165-171 Hargreaves Street.

The clinic can support you with services for sexual health, general health, mental health, alcohol and other drugs, and counselling.

Your free appointment with our Youth Health Clinic nurse or general practitioner will be held in a confidential environment and is covered by privacy laws. No referral is needed.

Call our Bendigo site on 5406 1200 to make an appointment.

Headspace Bendigo

headspace Bendigo is a free youth service that caters to the mental health, physical health, alcohol/drug support and vocational needs of young people aged between 12 to 25 years.

This is a confidential service protected by privacy laws and delivered by general practitioners, mental health nurses, nurses, social workers, occupational therapists and pychologists.

Headspace Bendigo focuses on all youth issues with a special focus on:

Headspace Bendigo offers support and information for parents and the carers of young people. You do not need a referral to attend headspace Bendigo.

To book an appointment contact:

Headspace Bendigo (12 to 25 years)
78-80 Pall Mall, Bendigo.
Hours: Monday to Friday, 9am to 5pm.
Phone: 03 5434 5345
Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


I had unprotected sex and I’m worried I could have an STI?

Sexual health plays a big part in your overall health. Things can go wrong, we get it. So instead of waiting until things get worse, get checked now. Our service is free and confidential.

Our sexual health clinic tests for all blood borne viruses and sexually transmittable infections. We want you to be well and healthy, so please don’t be shy.

Book an appointment at our Bendigo or Eaglehawk sexual health clinic or find out more information.

My period cycle is irregular. Is this normal?

Yes, you aren’t the only person who has this issue. Our doctor or health nurses can provide you with the right information and advice.

To book a free and confidential appointment at our sexual health clinic or find more information.

Alcohol and drugs are taking over my life – can you help me?

Alcohol, illicit and prescription drugs can cause problems in your life.

It can feel like you need them to cope or fit in with friends, but then they start taking over.

We offer a range of services that can help you

To get help with alcohol and other drugs or find more information.

I’m having trouble dealing with something. Can I talk to someone?

If you feel there are challenges in your life that you are struggling to deal with it’s important to know you are not alone. Many people feel this way when faced with difficult situations or life pressures.

Our counsellors are here to listen, answer your questions and guide you.

We offer youth counselling from our Bendigo, Kangaroo Flat and Eaglehawk sites.

Young people aged 12 to 25 can also access counselling services at headspace Bendigo

To book an appointment or find more information about our counselling service.

Where do I access free condoms?

Free condoms are available at our Bendigo, Kangaroo Flat and Eaglehawk sites. Get more information.

I am a carer and sometimes life just gets tough

Our Carer Wellbeing Program is designed to support individuals or families caring for a person with a mental illness and to promote an awareness and understanding of mental health in the community.

A range of support programs are available to ensure effective support for families and can be accessed by phoning any of our sites to arrange a meeting with the carers program community health nurse.

Find out more about our carer wellbeing program.

I want to learn more about pregnancy and parenting as a young person?

Our Core of Life program delivers life education for teenagers with a focus on the realities of pregnancy, birth and parenting. To learn more about the program click on this link

How do you help people from the LGBTIQ+ community?

Headspace Bendigo has a dedicated same sex attracted, sex and gender diverse support worker.

The Health Equal Youth (HEY) Project worker engages at an individual, group and community level to improve the mental health and wellbeing of young same sex attracted, sex and gender diverse (SSASGD) people in the region.

headspace Bendigo and the HEY Project achieve these aims by providing a safe space for young people to meet, socialise and gain peer support on a weekly basis, and by delivering education and health promotion to organisations, including schools and health services, to raise awareness of the impacts of discrimination and isolation on young SSASGD people.  

To find more information or book an appointment with headspace Bendigo.

For more information about our LGBTIQ+ services.

What advice can you give me as a young person?

It is not uncommon for young people to feel confused, frustrated, stressed, anxious or down but it’s just not talked about that much – it’s important to know that feeling better is possible and that there are people, like our counsellors, that are ready and accessible to help you.

Book an appointment or find more information.

Useful links

I need to talk to someone

I’m not coping with being gay or lesbian, my family doesn’t understand and I need help. We can help talk it through and come up with strategies to help you with the situation. Sometimes all you need is an objective ear to listen and guide you.

To make an appointment with us call 5406 1200 and ask to speak with an intake worker for generalist counselling.

If you are aged 12-25 call headspace Bendigo on 03 5434 5345.  

Men's health

Our Men’s Health Clinic helps men to better understand and manage their own health needs. Some of the services provided are annual check-ups, health assessments, information and support.  

For more information about our men's health clinic.

Book an appointment on 03 5406 1200.

Women's health

Our Women’s Health Clinic runs from our Bendigo and and Eaglehak sites. The clinic provides information on a range of women’s health issues including sexual and contraceptive health 

For more information about our women's health clinic.

Phone 5406 1200 to book an appointment at either our Bendigo or Eaglehawk sites.

Bulk-billed medical practice

We offer a full bulk-billed medical practice for all your GP needs at our Bendigo, Eaglehawk and Kangaroo Flat sites. Whether it’s related to being LGTBIQ or just general medical issues, we have GPs on staff that can help. Phone 5406 1200 to make an appointment at any site or visit and click on the appointment bar at the top of the homepage.

Alcohol and other drugs

Alcohol, illicit and prescription drugs can cause problems in your life. It can feel like you need them to cope, but then they start taking over. We offer a range of services that can help you

To access our Alcohol and Other Drugs services call us on 5406 1200.


Page last updated: September 2019.