Bendigo Community Health Services

With a strong connection to our community and over 45 years of local health experience, Bendigo Community Health Services understands local health issues and responds to our consumers through a range of services and partnerships. 

Bendigo Community Health Services is a not-for-profit community organisation funded through various government health programs, community donations and sponsorships.

With over 230 staff and more than 50 programs, Bendigo Community Health Services works closely with our consumers and local organisations to contribute to the health and wellbeing of our community. 


We are effective in and respected for:

Strategic Plan 2019-2024

Bendigo Community Health Services released a new Strategic Direction on November 14, 2019, to guide the organisation through the next five years and ensure our programs and services deliver on their full potential for the community.

The Strategic Plan was developed after six months of consulation with our clients, community, members, Board of Directors, staff and valued partners.

The plan states:


We want: Better health and wellbeing across generations


We exist: To work hand in hand with our community to achieve healthier lives


We strive for:


We are authentic and accountable, and we honour our obligations


We build respectful relationships through trust, empathy and collaboration


We recognise and promote accessible, safe and holistic supports and services as basic rights


Through continuous learning, we ensure an agile, responsive and sustainable service


We create a sense of connectedness, pride and support through enjoying our work and being passionate about making a difference


We are committed to:

Our pillars

Consumer and Community

The change we want to see: 

People in our community, especially those most in need, have improved health and wellbeing

How we will do it:

  • Provide equitable supports and services that achieve measurable improvements
  • Working together to deliver high quality, inclusive, safe and accessible supports and services
  • Consumers are at the centre, having choice and control


The change we want to see:

We use evidence, data and the voice of our community to shape our supports and services.

How we will do it:

  • Our organisation uses its learning to influence better outcomes for consumers
  • Working with consumers, recognising their lived experience, to influence and advocate for change
  • Equipping our workforce to be skilled, resilient, capable of change and collaborative leaders
  • Using data to improve


The change we want to see:

Our service is identified as a quality provider and our people are recognised as leaders

How we will do it:

  • Creating a strong, trusted public voice
  • Providing a range of quality services that improve access
  • Collaborating with others to maximise impact and improve health and wellbeing
  • Contributing to better practice through research and review
  • Maintaining a passionate, skilled and qualified workforce



The change we want to see:

Our sustainability is based on a healthy culture, improved systems, outcomes and growth

How we will do it:

  • Reviewing and improving processes to ensure long term sustainability
  • Driving strategic growth and expansion where there are shared benefits to the community and our organisation
  • Being a socially and environmentally responsible organisation
  • Creating a work environment that is respectful, inclusive and staff are motivated to perform at their best

Last updated: December 2019