Bendigo Community Health Services is warning people to stay vigilant this festive season with a concerning rise in the use of the drug GHB.

BCHS Mobile Drug Safety Worker Paul Morgan said GHB was a drug the community must take seriously.

"A GHB overdose will mean hospital treatment and withdrawal from this drug can lead to seizures and even death," Mr Morgan said.

"People must be aware it only takes two weeks of use for you to become dependent on this drug.

"The risk is even greater now with the festive season traditionally the busiest time for celebrations and increased partying."

Mr Morgan said mixing GHB with alcohol was extremely dangerous.

"If you mix GHB with alcohol you are about 30 times more likely to need the help of emergency services" he said.

"You should never use this drug alone. If someone you're with passes out from using GHB place them on their side and call 000 straight away."

INFORMATION:  pdf Share this flyer from our AOD team on dangers of GHB and how to use safely if you won't stop (787 KB)

Mr Morgan said anyone using GHB should seek help or take safety precautions if they did not intend to stop.

"Never drink GHB from the bottle. Only use clean equipment from your local Needle Syringe Program or pharmacy. Mark your 'barrel' with tape so you don't use too much and write the amount and time on your arm in case of overdose," he said. 

"Drink plenty of water and do not use GHB again for at least two to three hours to reduce the risk of overdose."

Mr Morgan said anyone concerned about GHB use should seek professional help.

"Our AOD team is there for you. Please call 5406 1200 and ask for the AOD team if you have concerns or questions around drugs or alcohol. To learn more about our AOD services and how we can help you, a family member or a friend please visit our website."


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Last updated: December 2020