UPDATED: April 8, 2019.

Our big, bright and welcoming reception area is now open at the Kangaroo Flat site.

The new reception is now on the other side of our Kangaroo Flat building to provide better access to our kidzspace hub.

To access the new reception you must use the kidzspace driveway about 50 metres further along Helm Street from our old carpark beside the kinder and City of Greater Bendigo Maternal and Child Health Centre.

EARLIER: There’s exciting things happening at our Kangaroo Flat site in Helm Street.

We’re creating a new ‘welcoming’ reception area with huge windows for plenty of natural light and extra space to make the consumer experience more comfortable and nicer all round.

Reception will move to the other side of the building to provide better access to our kidzspace hub too.

BUT… yes, there’s always a but right!

We’re going to need your support for the next five or so weeks as it’s going to get a bit hectic out there as Bendigo company Total Fit Out get to work on building this new reception.

It’ll be business as usual at Kangaroo Flat as far as service delivery goes, but to make things easier and safer for all, we’ve set up a temporary reception in our kidzspace building.

You can easily access this reception via a driveway that’s about 50 metres or so further along Helm Street from our traditional car park.

If you have any questions or concerns, please give us a call on 5406 1200 and we’ll help you out.

We really appreciate your support and patience as we create this brand new reception area for everyone. Thank you.

Learn more about all the services we run from Kangaroo Flat at www.bchs.com.au

To download a map that shows you how to get from the old reception area to the new one   image click here (566 KB)