It's National Volunteers Week and to celebrate we are running a little series of profiles recognising some of the volunteers who give their time to support our organisation. We so treasure the valuable support of all our volunteers. Thank you ...

To complete the series, today we meet Colleen Gale:

How long have you been volunteering with BCHS?

I have been volunteering with the Women's Embroidery and Sewing Group since August 2016.

What is your role?

To supervise within the group alongside various other volunteers. I also attend to the needs of the children within the play area.

Why did you start volunteering?

I commenced my role with this group of women because I had an interest in the work they were doing and there was an opportunity for me to assist and learn within a group environment.

What do you enjoy most about volunteering?

Coming along each week as it gives me a good sense of direction and purpose, along with connecting to women of other nationalities. This is what I like most about my involvement, getting to know the women, and seeing how they are going with their work each week, and how they are generally feeling on the day. They bring me a lot of joy with their unique personalities, and they always contribute genuinely with each other, and with great fondness for each other.

Do you have a memorable volunteering moment?

My most recent memorable moment was having a little boy come running towards me, grabbing me by the hand - he wanted to play. He has continued to favour me which makes me feel special. There have been other moments when the women enter, hugging everyone. This is how amicable these women are, and it certainly brings the group together. I would have no hesitation in saying that their is a special camaraderie within the women's group; that each week there is enough variation to hold your interest; that everybody works together to help each other out; and that it is a worthwhile and sustaining opportunity to grow, and to see the women shine as they produce the most beautiful work each week

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