Bendigo Community Health Services supports this weekend’s nationwide March4Justice2.

#March4Justice is a respectful gathering to send a strong message to the nation's leaders that now is the time for action to put an end to sexism, misogyny and dangerous workplace cultures.

It is long past the time for change.

The first march saw thousands gather across the country last year, amplifying women’s voices and providing a platform for them to share their collective experiences.

This year’s event is calling for:

BCHS is a committed member of the Greater Bendigo Coalition for Gender Equity.

Like March4Justice, our organisation stands in solidarity with all who fight for equality, justice, respect and an end to gendered violence.

We share their vision, which is:

Together we strive to transform social attitudes so that every person is safe in their homes, their communities and their workplaces; amplify the voices of women in Australia; support safe and fair workplace practices for women; and advocate for systemic change that encourages a society that is built upon equality.

BCHS encourages people to attend the Bendigo March4Justice this weekend.


Where: Rosalind Park piazza, View Point Bendigo

When: 11am, Sunday February 27

What to take: Face mask, umbrella, a chair if required


We understand these conversations can be difficult for some. Please reach out for support:

The Orange Door Loddon: 1800 512 359

Centre Against Sexual Assault Central Victoria: 5441 0430

Sexual Assault Crisis Line: 1800 806 292

1800 RESPECT: 1800 737 732

Centre for Non-Violence: 1800 884 292

24-hour statewide safe steps Family Violence Response Centre crisis response line: 1800 015 188.


If you have an emergency phone 000.