Bendigo Community Health Services and City of Greater Bendigo have come together to launch Greater Bendigo’s Healthy Catering Guide to help make healthy choices easy and accessible. 

This Guide has been developed to assist you to choose healthy options when ordering catering.

All menu items have been assessed through the Healthy Eating Advisory Services online ‘FoodChecker’ tool. Food and drinks meeting the GREEN and AMBER classifications have only been included in this guide to align with the Healthy choices: workplace healthy eating policy and catering guide.

Join the workplaces across Bendigo choosing the healthy option for their next catering event.

 About the Healthy Choices Guidelines:

The Healthy Choices Guidelines classify food and drinks into three categories according to their nutritional value.

GREEN category food and drinks are the healthiest choices. They are good sources of important nutrients and lower in fat, added sugar and salt. Examples include: water, breads and cereals, fruit and vegetables, reduced-fat dairy products, lean meat and poultry, fish, eggs, nuts and seeds.

AMBER category foods and drinks should be selected carefully and consumed in moderation. Although these items provide some valuable nutrients they can contribute to moderate amounts of fat, added sugar or salt. Examples include: regular fat milk, yoghurt and cheese, dried fruit and some fruit juices (at least 99 per cent real fruit juice).

RED category foods are low in nutrients and are high in sugar, fat or salt and should be eaten rarely and in very small serves. Red category foods and drinks should be avoided in catering. Examples include: deep fried foods, lollies, chocolates, cakes, processed meats e.g. salami, kabana, chips, pastries and soft drinks.


How to use:

Use this resource to guide your catering choices, to ensure you are providing healthy options at meetings, events and functions.

Find the guide: 

Download the guide for your workplace here   pdf Greater Bendigo's Healthy Catering Guide (10.45 MB)


Helpful links and resources: 

Healthy Eating Advisory Service – Healthy Choices Guidelines – Healthy Choices Guidelines and Policy Directives – Healthy Choices Guidelines and Policy Directives


Information about local caterers who have Healthy Choices menus is on pages 4-10.

If you would like your menu added to this guide please contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to find out how.


Updated: 7 December 2021