It's National Family Day Care Australia Week.

A time to celebrate the unique and valuable contribution the family day care sector makes for families, children and the community.

The theme for this year is 'Every Child Is A Star' and there are more than 107,000 children in Family Day Care across Australia.

Our Bendigo Family Day Care team wants to celebrate the diversity, knowledge, passion and dedication the FDC educators provide in City of Greater Bendigo and Loddon Shire.

We are lucky to have FDC educators that have been with us for over 30 years and some only three weeks.

To recognise National Family Day Care Week we'd love to introduce you to some of our amazing educators.

We thank each and every one of our educators, both past and present!

Today, let's meet .....

Wendy Whelan

Wendy as been with the Bendigo FDC family for 21 years! 

Wendy would hate us saying that ... LOL.

However, we have been lucky enough to enjoy and not only share the growth of her three children whilst they were in care, but we saw Wendy grow into a confident educator who motivates others and is always there for her peers and families since she applied to be an educator herself.

I think most of Wendy’s families and children would agree when we say that Wendy is always there to help others and is such a hoot to hang out with, the children adore her and her family.

We asked Wendy to reflect on her time with Bendigo FDC:

How long of you been working for Bendigo FDC?

I registered as an educator with Bendigo FDC for six and a half years, however, it took me 12 years to finally get there!

I’d apply and something would hinder my progress so I'd withdraw, then I’d apply again and nearly started and found out I was pregnant.

Once when I was on my way for the information session, I broke my ribs on my way to the meeting.

Ahhh… I eventually got there and am so pleased I persisted and pushed those obstacles aside.

Why did you choose to start an FDC service?

I love running a FDC business because it allows me the gift of being their for my children when they are on holidays and to pick them up from school and still be involved in the extra-curricular activities of family life.

It is the perfect work-life balance for me and I’ve made lasting friendships

What do you find most rewarding about being a family day care educator?

Being a FDC educator is such a personal experience, you get to know families and children in such a close and warm way.

To be available to be with my children and to see what value they and I got from being a parent using family day care has shown me how important we are to children and what a difference we can make in a child’s life.

Do you have a funny story or saying that you've heard from a child in your care?

Whilst out and about on the daily school run, Miss A and Mr W were pointing out all the funny things they could see out the window.

Mr W pointed excitedly to a truck that had a picture of chickens and he asked innocently: “Where are the chickens?”

Miss A very quickly replied: “They are nuggets now!”

Mr W looked quite confused and again said" “But where are they?”

Miss A: “Their yummy nuggets”.

Mr W said with relief: “Good, I like nuggets”.

For a while I was holding my breath preparing for the cycle of life or what’s in our food conversation. Phew, got away with that one!

What advice would you give someone thinking about becoming an educator?

100% do it - you’ve got nothing to lose!

If you are truly passionate about Early Childhood and you desire time with your own family, give the girls at the FDC office a call and they’ll talk you through. I'm glad I did.


Thanks for sharing your memories Wendy and all that  you do for our team and the children/families you care for.


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Last updated: May 2021.