It's National Family Day Care Australia Week.

The theme for this year is 'Every Child Is A Star' and there are more than 107,000 children in Family Day Care across Australia.

Our Bendigo Family Day Care team wants to celebrate the diversity, knowledge, passion and dedication the educators provide in the City of Greater Bendigo and Loddon Shire.

We are lucky to have educators that have been with us for over 30 years and some only three weeks.

To recognise National Family Day Care Week we'd love to introduce you to some of our amazing educators.

We thank each and every one of our educators, both past and present!

Meet some of our wonderful Family Day Care educators?

Kylie Jacka

Kylie is a passionate educator dedicated to the Early Childhood sector and to the wellbeing of children.

She enjoys mentoring other educators and working closely with the team.

With a strong value of natural open-ended play and a 'Can Do' attitude, Kylie brings some fun to the Strathdale community.

To read Kylie's full story click here

Wendy Whelan 1

Wendy Whelan

Wendy as been with the Bendigo FDC family for 21 years! 

Wendy would hate us saying that ... LOL.

However, we have been lucky enough to enjoy and not only share the growth of her three children whilst they were in care, but we saw Wendy grow into a confident educator who motivates others and is always there for her peers and families since she applied to be an educator herself.

I think most of Wendy’s families and children would agree when we say that Wendy is always there to help others and is such a hoot to hang out with, the children adore her and her family.

We asked Wendy to reflect on her time with Bendigo FDC. Read what Wendy said click here

Anneque 3

Anneque Beveridge

Anneque is our newest member of the Bendigo FDC Educator team.

From the beginning Anneque has brought laughs, singing, smiles and lots of cuddles to many children.

With years of experience in the early childhood sector, Anneque brings a wealth of knowledge, experience, creativity, and warmth.

It has been a pleasure to support Anneque and her family through the transition of becoming a family day care educator and have become such a valued member of our Bendigo FDC family.

To read Anneque's full story and learn more about why she become an educator and the rewards click here

Sue Harkins 3

Sue Harkins 

Sue is a strong, well-known personality in the Longlea/Axedale area.

A valuable member of the Axedale CFA as a volunteer firefighter and the bridgade's Communications and Community Engagement Officer.

Juggling being the 'CEO' of her family business Harkins Electrical, she is definitely a busy woman.

Sue’s unique farm environment and bush setting provides children with the wonders of living on a hobby farm adjacent to the magnificent Wellsford State Forest.

In the time we have known Sue, we have enjoyed sheep, lambs, pigs, cows, guinea pigs, dogs, kangaroos, wallabies and a mighty huge python!

Sue offers the warm knee of a loving Nan and Mum and has cuddles on offer for all her children over the 26 years!

To read Sue's complete story and her favourite memories from being a child care educator click here 

Pam Moore

Pam Moore

Pam is an educator that always brings a smile and a warm hug.

You can often arrive to Pam’s White Hills home with delicious smells from the veggie and herb garden and the children exploring her mortar and pestle herb concoctions.

Pam is a lover of the outdoors, especially for children and can be heard laughing and singing 'We’re Going on a Bear Hunt' with great exuberance!

To read more about Pam's story click here

Jega main

Jega Benny 

Jega is a passionate art enthusiast, science and nature buff.

We all have learnt so much from Jega with the amazing experiences and projects she provides to the children over the years.

Jega is a mum to two fabulous adult children, with a strong faith and family focus.

We asked Jega to reflect on her time with Bendigo Family Day Care. To read what she said click here

Jo morris 3

Jo Morris - Heathcote 

Jo Morris is a dedicated Mum, Nanny and adopted Nan to her Family Day Care children in the Heathcote area.

Jo offers an amazing rural setting, relaxed home environment and always a warm hug for her children.

We asked Jo to reflect on her time with Bendigo FDC.

Her response includes a lovely little story about the day Master 5 asked her why she uses hand cream.

To read more about Jo and her life as a childcare educator click here


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Last updated: May 2021.