We have joined with 31 other child and family service sector organisations across Victoria to call on Prime Minister Scott Morrison to permanently Raise The Rate of social security payments to a level above the poverty line.

Providing adequate support is essential to giving children a start in life they all deserve.

Before Coronavirus around 774,000 children aged under 15 were living in poverty with around 19,400 aged up to 14 actually homeless.

Poverty can have a lasting impact on a child's development with real risks around access to food, housing, life opportunities and social interaction.

Children in poverty need the support of services such as ours just to get by in life and that's not fair.

Social security payments aren't the only answer but they can deliver a means for families to provide for their children and with that comes hope and opportunity.

The Raise The Rate campaign reflects our values and our charter to support and care for disadvantaged people in our community.

To read the full letter sent to Prime Minister Scott Morrison MP and see all the organisations who have signed their support  pdf click here (528 KB)

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Last updated: February 23, 2021