Take the time to say thank you!

That's the theme of Early Childhood Educators Day today.

We are so grateful for the valuable work of all our Early Childhood Educators in looking after children across Greater Bendigo. 

Our Bendigo Family Day Care staff have supported the team of Early Childhood Educators for more than 40 years as an accredited service.

We are so proud of the work the Early Childhood Educators do in caring for children from Heathcote to Wedderburn, Goornong to Kangaroo Flat.

It's a pretty important job right!

We think it takes a pretty special person to become an Early Childhood Educator and to raise awareness on this special day we'd like to introduce you to one of our great team - Jordana.

Can you tell us why you chose to become a Family Day Care Educator?

Family Day Care is a home away from home, a second family where children are treated with the greatest care and love. With smaller numbers I can specialise my attention to each individual child which gives me the opportunity to strengthen my bond with families and children.

What have been your favourite experiences since becoming an educator with Bendigo FDC?

Since becoming a Family Day Care Educator I have become more confident in myself. The range of support I get from the ladies in the office and my colleagues is so welcoming. Since joining Bendigo Family Day Care I am constantly learning and growing my knowledge and skills.

Jordy 4

What do you think have been positive experiences for the children in family day care? 

Our quiet reading area is my favourite educational space. It is where the children and I can snuggle up tight together and open a book and begin to read and learn together. It is slow and nurturing and opens up so many learning possibilities and conversations. Throughout the homely routine I have, the children develop a sense of security. Together we nurture curiosity and exploration within a home/family space. I love that the children can just be kids! Playing, building connections between the child and myself as the educator and fostering a bond that will be cherished for years to come.

What would you say to someone thinking about becoming a Family Day Care Early Childhood Educator?  

If you are a passionate and loving educator, then I would definitely recommend starting family day care. I've been running my business for just over a year now and prior to this I worked in centre-based childcare and I found a centre very overwhelming. Family day care provides long lasting, genuine bonds with each family and child in a nurturing home-based environment. I would suggest talking with the Bendigo Family Day Care co-ordinators or other FDC educators and conduct your own research prior to applying to make sure it is the right field for you. I love it!

Thanks Jordana.

We really appreciate your insight.

Jordy 3

Of course, the parents who place their trust in Early Childhood Educators to look after the most valuable thing in their lives are the other important part of the service.

One of our staff Natalia has been leaving little Aylah in Jordana's care for several years.

Jordy web

Can you tell us why you chose family day care?

We wanted our daughter to be in a home-like environment where she could have more focus on her needs and as an individual. We wanted her to play with other children and experience a broad range of activities, however without such a large risk of exposure to illnesses at only 12 months old when she commenced. 

What have been your favourite experiences with Jordana's Family Day Care service?

Our favourite experiences at Jordy's FDC are going into a newly-created environment of activities for the children each week/day. There is so much for Aylah to learn and in a range of ways. We also love Aylah's trusting relationship with Jordy as someone who is not mum or dad.

What do you think have been positive experiences for Aylah while in family day care with Jordy?

Aylah has been able to develop relationships with another adult and children. This has been positive as she is able to observe other children and learn along the way, such as how to play with others, sharing, eating meals with others and daily tasks, such as shoes going into this box, jumpers go into this box etc.

Why do you want to say thanks to your educator?

We want to say thank you to Jordy because she is caring for our child. This allows us to be able to go to work and provide for our family. She does a great job caring for her and our ongoing communication helps both of us to understand changes/challenges that are happening, and we can solve the problems together.

Are you interested in becoming an Early Childhood Educator?

If you are interested in being an educator or a family looking for care, please call 5406 1200 or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Learn more about Early Childhood Educators Day at www.EarlyChildhoodEducatorsDay.org.au 

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Last updated: September 2, 2020