To download an information sheet showing our refugee journey in providing Coronavirus support pdf click here (233 KB)


We just wanted to thank everyone for the wonderful support around our work to help refugee communities during this Coronavirus pandemic.

We had a look back at what we've achieved so far and gathered some statistics. This is what we found ...

Our work started with community consultation way back in March when this whole dreadful Coronavirus episode began and we saw a need to get information to refugee residents.

Our first translated information sheets and videos were created not long after and then we established an online Coronavirus Bendigo Refugee Resource Hub for easy access. Check it out:

The online resource hub has logged 4202 individual visits.

We've since made 15 information sheets in language as the Coronavirus landscape changes in Victoria which have been downloaded 2262 times from the resource hub.

We've made 20 videos now watched 14,670 times.

We've promoted our work to the community through social media with the Facebook posts alone reaching 72,753 people.

Our staff have been calling refugee clients daily since March to check on their welfare and see if they have any questions.

We've launched a 5406 1254 Coronavirus Telephone Hotline for the Karen community with our Karen speaking staff taking the calls to provide a familiar and trusted voice.

We've joined forces with Believe in Bendigo and Victoria Police to launch the #BendigoTogether campaign to encourage the community to support refugees and raise awareness in the Karen community around prejudice motivated crime and racism and the need to report this behaviour after abuse and taunts related to Coronavirus.

We've helped City of Greater Bendigo Mayor Cr Margaret O'Rourke translate statements supporting the Karen, Afghan and South Sudanese communities in Greater Bendigo.

Our staff created and promoted a campaign to raise awareness in the refugee communities about the need to get a flu shot this Winter given the symptoms of flu and Coronavirus are so similar.

We teamed up with Bendigo Health to make videos in Karen, Dari and Dinka language promoting the importance of getting tested for Coronavirus if you are unwell and how special screening times have been put in place at the COVID-19 Screening Clinic in Stewart Street for refugee communities.

Yes, there's been a fair bit of work happening and we are very proud of our staff for rolling up their sleeves and meeting the needs of the community. BUT ... enough of the self indulgence as our community consultation shows there's more to do.

So, it's back to work for us ...



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