Are you looking for child care or know someone who is?

Our Family Day Care team has vacancies for child care at the moment. Our accredited Child Care Educators provide the care in their own homes. Learn more:

So, what are our Family Day Care educators like and what do parents think of the program? We'll let a parent answer that one for you: "Knowing that my children are being looked after, nurtured and educated is a very comforting feeling and I am so pleased to have (FDC educator) and her family in our life. She is consistent, professional and direct as well as kind, caring and knowledgeable which are all attributes that I admire and look for when dealing with something as serious as my children. I wanted to provide this feedback to you directly as I doubt (FDC educator) would provide my thoughts to you directly due to how humble she is. I believe in her greatly and appreciate the time and effort she puts into developing my children and others." Note: We have used (FDC educator) instead of the person's name for privacy reasons.

Contact our Family Day Care team on 5406 1200 or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. if you would like to ask about a vacancy. I #BCHS #thereforyou

Last updated: January 2020