Did you know that influenza can seriously affect your workplace? 

Protecting against the flu is a great thing for any business to do for the health and wellbeing of staff.

Employees with influenza can take an average of two weeks to recover so vaccinating staff can stop loss of productivity and reduce absenteeism.

The problem for a workplace is that the flu can be contagious before any symptoms show. So it is easy to spread influenza on to other staff members in the workplace. Vaccination is a great way of protecting your staff and your business

Research shows that for every $20 a business spends on staff vaccinations you can save $115 in reducing lost productivity and downtime (comcare.gov.au).  

Know your business is safe and your staff are protected against the flu. 

Bendigo Community Health Services runs a fluvax program to help businesses.

Our community health nurses have been travelling around the Greater Bendigo region delivering flu shots at businesses large and small.

Following on from the last flu season, we will continue to offer two options to better manage your business needs.

Option one – we can come to you: Onsite nurse vaccinators with medical service back up

This includes:

$20 per onsite vaccination (*minimum purchase of 20 vaccinations applies)

Please note a travel cost will apply for those more than 10 kilometres outside the Greater Bendigo region.

Please call BCHS for pricing of onsite vaccinations for less than 20 staff

Option two – your employees can come to us:  Booked vaccination sessions at one our medical clinic’s in Bendigo, Eaglehawk and Kangaroo Flat.

This includes:

Request a quote now by emailing This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or calling Brooke on 5434 4377.

Please also take the opportunity to consider us as your preferred provider of workplace health in all your workplace health needs into the future.

Last updated: This information was correct as of January 2019. Please call Brooke on 5434 4377 to confirm latest details.