Check out these fantastic videos created by Bendigo YMCA to raise awareness around mental health for young people.

The videos are being rolled out this week as part of an #Iamwhole campaign we are running with Bendigo YMCA around World Mental Health Day on October 10.

The #Iamwhole campaign wants you to take an hour to do something good and positive for your mental health on World Mental Health Day.

A successful #Iamwhole campaign in the UK drew support from Ed Sheeran and James Corden.

There are five videos in the #Iamwhole Bendigo campaign series covering topics such as the issues concerning high school students today, advice for teenagers, caring for your mental health and young people providing advice on what to do if you're struggling.

The first video was launched on Monday with the rest to follow through the week.

Watch these great videos!

Video 1: What do high school kids worry about?

Watch now:

Get links to more great videos from this #iamwhole series below.

Video 2: Dear 15-year-old me ... what advice would you give your teenage self?

Watch now:

Video 3: How to care for your mental health.

Watch now.

Video 4: The headspace Bendigo youth team talks what to do if you're struggling.

Watch now:

Huge thanks to Shannon, Morgan and Bendigo YMCA for these wonderful videos.

Learn more about the #Iamwhole campaign here: