Take a positive approach to dealing with issues or stresses by learning skills to cope better through our FRIENDS Adult Resilience Program.

This World Health Organization-endorsed program develops social and emotional skills to help you for life.

Call Anne-Marie or Siobhan (03) 5448 1600.

The program will help you:

• Identify feelings and develop empathy

• Control and regulate intense emotions

• Learn relaxation techniques

• Learn mindfulness skills and exercises to stay in the moment, focus and relax

• Prevent bullying for both victims and bullies.

• Resist peer pressure and develop positive relationships

• Compromise in tricky situations and avoid conflict

• Choose appropriate role models

• Set realistic and achievable life or study goals

• Learn organisation and focus skills

• Develop non internet-based friendships and relationships

Learn more by calling Anne-Marie or Siobhan at our Central site on (03) 5448 1600.