What a truly amazing gesture.

This group of Bendigo TAFE students read about our plans to establish a community hub to help disadvantaged, vulnerable, lonely and homeless people build work and life skills so they promptly volunteered to paint the entire space.

The Painting and Decorating Certificate II students spent a week cleaning, repairing, preparing and painting walls, cupboard and tiles under the guidance of teacher Shane Kennedy.

“What a great way to help out the community and give these students some real life training,” Shane said.

“None of these students had painted before so what they have achieved in a short time is impressive and a credit to them all for sticking it out.

“If they don’t end up in the painting industry, I think it has inspired them to participate in other training.

“Vikki, Luke, Sebastian, Zac and Otto played a big part in the project and just wanted to help out people less fortunate.

“Thanks for the project and I know there are five students that are proud of their achievements.”

Bendigo Community Health Services director of media and communications Rod Case said the work of the students had made a great difference to the project.

“To see the students turn up each day and work to help people in need in our community was a bit inspiring,” Rod said.

“You could tell the students were keen to do a great job and we are so grateful for what they have achieved and the role they have played in helping us bring the Fork In The Road community hub to life. It’s fantastic to see young people doing such a community-minded project. We can’t thank the students and Shane enough for their help.”

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