Bendigo Community Health Services has recognised the indigenous community with a new sculpture by Bendigo artist Ben West at our kidzspace centre in Kangaroo Flat.

The sculpture represents Bunjil the eagle which has great historical in indigenous culture.

Ben spent 12 hours using a MIG welder to carefully sculpt a collection of machinery parts and cooking utensils into the magnificent eagle, nest and base.

Among the parts collected for the project include a clutch cover from a work ute, cams out of Nissan Navarra for the legs, a caribiner clip from a fall arrest harness for the head, oil pickup out of a loader for the neck, bearings for the eyes and a vegetable steamer for feathers.

More than 100 bread knives purchased from a Bendigo Op-shop for $4 were used to create the wings and tail.

The eagle sculpture was donated to kidzspace by a generous Bendigo resident to acknowledge the importance of culture and community in the lives of children.

We thank the donor for their kindness and Ben for his fantastic creative work.