Bendigo Community Health Services staff are struggling to contain a serious outbreak of Richmond Fever in AFL grand final week.

Symptoms of Richmond Fever include irrational behaviour in normally sensible adults, constant mumblings of 'surely it's our year', spontaneous outbursts of 'Go Tiges' and an addiction to wearing 'Yellow and Black' items of clothing.

Cases of Richmond Fever reached epidemic proportions on Monday night with many victims reporting feeling quite 'Dusty' just before midnight. 

Some Richmond Fever victims have since reported euphoric dreams involving a big silver cup with two handles and horrendous nightmares of being attacked by Crows.

Our experts in the field expect Saturday will be a critical time for those with Richmond Fever and warn victims could experience euphoric 'highs' or severe 'sulks' triggered by the sounding of a siren around 5pm.

They warn those with Richmond Fever should expect to feel the effects either way until at least February or March next year.

There have also been reported cases of Adelaide Fever in Bendigo but these are quite rare.

Our experts have suggested the only thing that seems to get Richmond Fever under control is 'a good dose of reality'.

To see some live cases of Richmond Fever and find out who some of our staff think will win Saturday's big AFL Grand Final check out our fun video here: