Two Bendigo principals and a La Trobe University lecturer took on our 10-week men's health challenge to promote our first ever Men's Health Marathon. So, how did they go?

Bendigo Senior Secondary College principal Dale Pearce has shed six kilograms through our Men’s Health Challenge.

Dale is taking on the challenge at the invitation of Bendigo Community Health Services to raise awareness of men’s health and promote the organisation’s Men’s Health Marathon from August 25 to September 4.

The Men’s Health Marathon will see 11 days of activities designed to get men out, active and thinking seriously about their health.

Dale is taking the Men’s Health Challenge with Girton Grammar principal Matthew Maruff and La Trobe University Bendigo lecturer Kirk Peterson.

Amy Holmes from Shape Health and Fitness in Bendigo is overseeing private training sessions and diet for the three participants.

“I’m feeling a bit lighter and I have a little more energy. I’m sleeping better too, I think,” Dale said of his progress.

“Discipline with the diet is important but Amy’s menu and recipes have been invaluable. Once you get into a routine, it’s not too hard at all. Not so sure about the mushroom soup though.”

Dale said the private training sessions had been challenging but enjoyable.

“The team have kept things manageable for me but stretched me at the same time,” he said.

“I’m not sure what proportion of the weight loss is due to diet and what is due to increased physical activity. The program has motivated me to do a little more exercise away from the sessions Amy and Tyler have been running with me.”

Dale says one of the surprises of the challenge has been the realisation how much his condition and strength had fallen away since he stopped playing sport.

“I guess it’s been a gradual process and not really noticeable but the training sessions have given me a good reminder about the importance of improving my strength. I still have a way to go as the trainers could testify!”

So, what’s been the hardest thing to cope with on the challenge?

“One of the challenges is managing the diet when the family is eating something else,” he said.

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