Two Bendigo principals and a La Trobe University lecturer took on our 10-week men's health challenge to promote our first ever Men's Health Marathon. So, how did they go?

La Trobe University Bendigo lecturer Kirk Peterson has learned patience is important when it comes to changing your lifestyle.

Kirk is taking part in a Men’s Health Challenge with Girton Grammar principal Matthew Maruff and Bendigo Senior Secondary College principal Dale Pearce as part of a Bendigo Community Health Services push to raise awareness.

The challenge leads into our first ever Men’s Health Marathon – 11 days of activities designed to get men out, active and thinking seriously about their health.

Shape Health and Fitness owner Amy Holmes is guiding the trio through the challenge.

“Big changes do not happen overnight or quickly … you need to commit to the ‘long haul’,” Kirk said this week.

Kirk believes increased energy and greater flexibility, a new outlook on what food goes into his body and an enhanced positive attitude are the things he’s noticed most during the challenge.

“Certainly more energy is one benefit. More careful consideration of what I eat is another,” Kirk says.

“My advice is take things at your pace. Stick with it. Focus on achieving your goal.”

The Bendigo Community Health Services Men's Health Marathon will run from August 25 to September 4.

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