The RACV Bendigo Shop has signed on as a major sponsor for the first Bendigo Community Health Services Men’s Health Marathon.

The marathon will include 11 days of activities from August 25 to September 4 designed to get men out, active and thinking seriously about their health.

It will carry the theme: ‘Make men’s health your business … before it’s too late’.

The Ys Mens Club of Bendigo is another major sponsor having supported the Men’s Health Marathon with proceeds from their annual sale of Christmas trees in Bendigo.

“BCHS is tremendously appreciative of this support for men’s health – it’s vital to us getting a message out that can actually save lives,” Peter said.

RACV Bendigo Shop manager Paul Scullie said the RACV through its Good Citizen Program was delighted to partner with the Bendigo Community Health Services to promote regular health checks for men in central Victoria.

“BCHS and RACV aim to raise awareness about the importance of making healthy life choices,” Paul said.

“On average the RACV Bendigo Shop has around 50 men through the doors every day and our staff will be encouraging each of our male members to access the health services available in central Victoria and, in particular, at BCHS.”

Paul said the RACV Good Citizen Program supported not-for-profit projects that benefitted the communities in which RACV operates.

BCHS men’s health male nurse practitioner Peter Strange said the organisation was delighted the RACV was supporting the Men’s Health Marathon and helping to promote the important message that many men had to get more active in looking after themselves.

“This is an important message for men – particularly in rural areas. Men in rural regions of Australia may face distinctive health issues because of their location, work and lifestyle,’’ he said.

“Overall, men in rural areas are more likely than their urban counterparts to experience chronic health conditions and risk factors. Male deaths increase with remoteness.”

Peter said BCHS would set up a permanent men’s health information stand in the Bendigo RACV Shop for the duration of the Men’s Health Marathon and provide men’s health information showbags for customers.

Peter said there were five simple things men could do to improve their health and lifestyle straight away.

  1. Have a health check-up: Each hour four men in Australia die from potentially preventable health conditions.
  2. Review your lifestyle choices: Find time for yourself and your health.
  3. Know your numbers: Don’t wait for symptoms, medical tests can reveal potential health issues earlier.
  4. Have a chat: Often men don’t talk about their issues, health professionals can assist with better choices.
  5. Sexual health: It’s private but important, talk with a health professional in confidence.