Bendigo Community Health Services has started a new volunteer partnership with staff from State Trustees Bendigo to run the weekly Thursday Soup Kitchen.

About 30 State Trustees staff have been inducted into the BCHS volunteer program to assist with the Soup Kitchen and other programs and events.

"We are so appreciative of the interest shown by State Trustees in helping our organisation and people in need in Bendigo," BCHS CEO Kim Sykes said.

"Community partnerships such as these are extremely valuable."

State Trustees regional north manager client services Katrina Ray said the organisation had approached Bendigo Community Health Services because staff wanted to reach out to the local community and give back in a rewarding way.

"We were looking to engage with an organisation who provides support and benefits to our local people, so State Trustees and Bendigo Community Health Services have formed a partnership of ongoing support in assisting to manage the running of the Soup Kitchen," she said.

"This is not just a one-time offer for us. We are looking forward to assisting Bendigo Community Health Services in other joint ventures in the future but for now we feel very humbled to be supporting them and our important local community to ensure such a fantastic program can continue."

The Thursday Soup Kitchen offers chicken, salads, bread and soup in the arcade at 171 Hargreaves Street in Bendigo from 4pm to 5pm.

BCHS acknowledges Strath Village IGA, Strath Hill Hot Bake, JL King and Co and the Department of Justice for their wonderful support of the Soup Kitchen.