When June Prior took a tumble her next step was to quickly find something to improve her fitness and balance.

June found her way to the Bendigo Community Health Services Falls and Balance Exercise Program under the guidance of Ashleigh Oliver.

“I am 83 years of age and have a few health problems and felt anything that would help my balance would be a real asset. Firstly, I learnt that just because I had health problems I could still do part of every exercise and this gave me huge encouragement to try everything,” June said.

Sadly, June isn’t alone when it comes to taking a tumble with statistics showing one in three adults aged 65 years and older will fall one or more times a year.

Our Falls and Balance Exercise Program offers a 30-minute personal assessment and then supervised 45-minute groups exercise sessions which cater for your individual needs.

The program uses a range of exercises and stretching techniques to improve your balance, joint mobility, muscle strength, independence, confidence, general health and wellbeing, knowledge of fall risk factors and possible injuries.

“My general health increased remarkably, I was much happier in myself and had a great sense of achievement and friendship,” June said.

“Following the exercise plan which was given to us, I can now walk further every day.''

June was happy with the supervision she received during the program.

“I loved and admired our dear instructor who I marvelled at as she attended all of us ‘older citizens’. Always happy and encouraging to us all,” June said.

So, would June encourage other ‘older citizens’ to try the program?

“I really feel this course should be achievable or even law for everyone over 70 years of age. I have since chatted with a number of people who participated with me in the course and every one of them was full of praise for the course and instructor Ashleigh.

“All of them were still achieving a better lifestyle than previously.”

The program is held in the Ys Men’s Service Club at 1 Lockwood Road in Kangaroo Flat.

To enquire or book the Balance and Falls Exercise Program call our Kangaroo Flat site on 5430 0500.

Cost is $6 per session (concession) or $10 per session (no concession).

To join the program you must have fallen at least once in the past year, have a significant balance problem which places you at risk of falling and limits your ability to do daily tasks or have a medical condition that places you at increased risk of falling.

No referral is needed for the program but anyone deemed at high risk will need a medical clearance before taking part in exercise sessions.