Work on our new $2.6 million kidzspace centre at Kangaroo Flat is underway. In this new blog we meet the Bendigo builders and sub-contractors using their expertise to make our dream a reality.

BENDIGO construction company Walsh and O’Meara Builders is overseeing the creation of a revolutionary $2.6 million children’s health and wellbeing centre in Kangaroo Flat.

Due for completion in mid-October, the kidzspace Bendigo facility will be the first of its kind in regional Australia, offering a hub for child and family services across the region.

It is part of a new approach by Bendigo Community Health Services, which aims to the health, learning and earning outcomes of local children through early intervention and a multi-faceted approach.

Kidzspace Bendigo will be a one-stop-shop for a range of family health services and will emphasise the links between health promotion, community education, clinical services and social support.

“I think it is fantastic for the city of Bendigo and I fully support it,” says Walsh and O’Meara director and father-of-three Kevin Walsh.

As project manager, Kevin visits the Helm Street construction site most days and liaises with foreman Josh Sloane to ensure the build progresses smoothly.

“Our part is to organise the different sub-contractors to be there at certain times, and make sure the time lines are met,” he says.

Walsh and O’Meara has selected about 12 Bendigo-based sub-contractors for the kidzspace build, covering everything from excavation to electrical work, surveying to structural steel, and painting to plastering.

The company has been building mostly commercial and industrial projects in Bendigo since 1993 and presently has 12 employees.

Significant works over the years have included an extension to the Kangaroo Flat Sports Club, Interchange Loddon Mallee renovations in Mitchell Street, an English learning centre at Catholic College, the Living Well retirement village in Kangaroo Flat and Marist College in Maiden Gully.