Work on our new $2.6 million kidzspace centre at Kangaroo Flat is underway. In this new blog we meet the Bendigo builders and sub-contractors using their expertise to make our dream a reality.

THE new kidzspace Bendigo child health and wellbeing facility has really started to take shape since the Weldone Solutions team arrives on site this month.

Weldone is providing the structural steel that forms the skeleton of the building and is erecting the main framework in Helm Street, Kangaroo Flat, over the course of about 10 days.

Director Matt McNamara said kidzspace Bendigo was a large-scale project for his company, with around 22 tonnes of steel required to complete the job.

As a father of two primary-age children himself, Matt appreciates the importance of the landmark Bendigo Community Health Services centre, which will bring together specialist child health and wellbeing services under the one roof.

It aims to improve the long-term outcomes for children in Bendigo by offering a multitude of easy-to-access early intervention and support programs.

“It’s a good thing that we can be part of something that is going to change the way things are done for local children in the future,” Matt says.

Weldone has been operating in Bendigo since 2011 and employs seven people, providing fabrication and welding services to both domestic and commercial builders.

As well as structural steel, the company also specialises in sheds, stairs, handrails and balustrades.

Other major projects have included works for the new Bendigo and District Aboriginal Co-operative centre in Prouses Road, SuniTAFE in Swan Hill, and an education building for the St Anthony monastery in Heathcote. They have also contributed to St Liborius Primary in Eaglehawk, St Joseph’s Primary in Rochester and Charlton, as many residential projects.

The $2.6 million kidzspace Bendigo centre is scheduled to open early in 2017.