This heartwarming and inspiring letter of thanks to one of our staff deserves sharing.

It shows that even in the toughest times there are people who care that can make a difference.

Thank you to this wonderful mum for sharing these feelings, reminding our Early Childhood Intervention Services team and all our staff that what they do each day does change lives and showing those in the community doing it tough that reaching out can make a big difference.

Dear Carmel.

I just wanted to express to you my feelings.

Over the past two years you have been a part of my family.

You came into my life at a time I was feeling a lot of anxiety about (name withheld) future.

Feeling unsure of how he would be able to ‘cope’ in the real world.

You have helped us in more ways than you know.

Through my separation you‘ve helped me remember how many things I did right.

Through tough times with my other kids you gave me comfort.

You not only have been a Godsend to (name withheld) but you’ve been a source of comfort and a strong beacon of light.

Simply put, there’s just no one else like you.

You are a big asset to the ECIS team.

You are and always will be my human guardian angel.

Thank you for being a part of our lives.

Love (name withheld).