Several organisations have found plenty of Christmas spirit to help Bendigo Community Health Services bring festive cheer to some of the people we care for.

The Bendigo and Adelaide Bank, Crooked Kitchen and Bronte Book Club have all delivered gifts for distribution.

Staff from the Bendigo and Adelaide Bank main branch in Charring Cross have supported children from new refugees families in Bendigo with a giving program delivering a host of Christmas gifts.

Settlement Services staff have spent the day delivering the gifts to families across Bendigo.

"Well the staff from Bendigo and Adelaide Bank here in Bendigo have shown some Christmas spirit again for children of newly arrived refugee families," Settlment Services manager Martine Street said.

"Many of the gifts are those that we played with as children! The old totem tennis tournaments that often ended as a gladiatorial contest with our dad and brothers. The fabulous bug catcher and coloured chalk that gave many hours absorbed in drawing and watching butterflies.

"Thank you to the staff for bringing some of your values to our newest residents, the gift of giving. You did this last year and the settlement team are so touched that Gayle and the other staff took time out of their busy schedule to consider the children.

"We are the lucky ones who get to see their smiles as we drive around today to deliver your gifts.

"So from the family at BCHS to the staff and families at the bank we hope you and your family have a safe Festive Season full of love and laughter."

The Bronte Book Club in Bendigo has also been generous to the Settlement Services team by donating a stack of books for refugee families this Christmas.

"The club has for the second year in a row donated books and it's such a wonderful gesture. A new book is a wonderful Christmas gift and many children have been very excited to receive them as we hand them out," Settlement Services case manager Sue Ghalayini said.

"A huge thank you to the Bronte Book Club for their kindness and generosity."

Our alcohol and other drugs treatment program participants gained some Christmas kindness from the Crooked Kitchen in Lyttleton Terrace.

The Crooked Kitchen donated a host of food and other items for our AOD clients.

A grand gesture that was very well received.

Thank you to everyone who has sponsored or supported BCHS during 2016 - such kindness goes a very long way.