We could tell you how good the Life! program is but we will leave that to Lloyd Watson-Jones. He's living proof it works ...

A routine check up in December 2014 revealed my glucose level was unusually high.

I was borderline diabetic.

My doctor said losing weight was essential but also the Life! diabetes and cardiovascular disease program at Bendigo Community Health Services would be very helpful.

The only way to improve my health was to take action, so I joined the five-week Life! group sessions with positive results.

The course is about making healthier lifestyle choices regarding food, nutrition and exercise.

The group received expert coaching about setting personal goals to improve wellness by understanding what types of food help our body to function well.

We were coached on how to read packaged food labels and the importance of food portions.

I put into practice the knowledge gained from dietician, nutritionist and group facilitator Heather hinton and started a daily exercise regime of walking,skipping and jogging for 90 minutes.

While I enjoyed the physical exercise, it was challenging making conscious decisions about what I eat, when I eat and portion size of main meals.

However, with the support of family and group members, I maintained my goals and at the last session I was rewarded by being eight kilograms lighter and my waist five centimetres less.

I am overhwelmed by the outcomes of the Life! course.

I whole-heartedly recommend Life! to anyone desiring improved health and lifestyle.

The sessions are conducted by a caring, professional team of diabetic educators and the Life! group members soon become supportive of each other.

You'll not only lose a few kilos but gain a healthier lifestyle.

Go for it!