A health promoting workplace is one where employers value the health and wellbeing of their workers. By creating a partnership with your workplace, our Workplace Health and Wellbeing Program team can tailor services and plans to suit the needs of your staff and help your organisation become a health promoting workplace.


What are the benefits of a healthy workplace?

A healthy workplace can make your business more productive and your employees more engaged.

Promoting and supporting health in the workplace makes good common and business sense.

Here are some facts and figures about the positive benefits a Workplace Health Program can deliver:

Why should I use a local service?

What does the BCHS Workplace Health and Wellbeing Program actually offer?

(Services, sessions, health promotion presentations):

General Health

Comprehensive Health Assessment (40 minutes)

Basic Health Assessment (20 minutes)

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Workplace Flu Immunisation Program

To read more about our Workplace Flu Immunisation Program click here

Flu vaccination – Workplace Health and Wellbeing Program

Why should I be immunised?

Influenza affects people differently but it should be always be handled with care.

The symptoms are like a severe cold with added muscle aches, fever and weakness.

People at high risk are prone to complications from influenza and then it can lead on to pneumonia, prolonged hospitalisation and may threaten life.

Influenza affects your capacity to work and care for your family.

Staff who are clinically or sub-clinically infected can transmit the influenza virus to others, especially people at high risk.

Those at high risk include:

Timing is important. The early months of autumn, between March and April, are an ideal time to be immunised. The vaccine takes effect in about two weeks and provides protection from influenza right through the year. Annual immunisations are advised as flu vaccine is adjusted each year to protect from current strains of influenza.

Time allocation and cost

On site vaccinations ensure no lost time in staff travelling offsite to receive their influenza vaccinations.

You can attend a Bendigo Community Health Services medical practice too if that's preferred.

The cost of vaccine varies each year and is dependent on the number ordered.

A qualified immunisation nurse administers the vaccine.

To learn more about our workplace flu shot program or to book your business for a visit from our community health nurses email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or call 5434 4377.

Healthy Eating Program

Healthy Breakfast


Physical Activity Program

Work Fit – Functional Fitness Education

Stand Up for Your Health

Fit and Fuelled for Life

Feet at Work

Life program web

 Mental Health and Wellbeing Program

Stress Management

Understanding mental health and wellbeing in the workplace

How Are You?

Finding The Balance

Better Sleep

Fatigue Management

Alcohol and Other Drugs

Quit Smoking (group and individual)

Alcohol and Other Drugs

Specialist areas

Women’s Health Education

Men’s Health Education

Diabetes prevention in the workplace

Respiratory Education

Diabetes management in the workplace

Does this really work? Don't just take our word that Workplace Health and Wellbeing is important!

McKern Steel April 11 2019 web

McKern Steel have been engaged with the Bendigo Community Health Services Workplace Health and Wellbeing Program over many years.

Our organisation provides health assessments for individual staff members on an annual basis along with influenza vaccinations.

Our staff health and wellbeing team find the de-identified organisational staff health and wellbeing snap shot report a great tool to plan our staff health and wellbeing activities for the coming year.

The workplace health and wellbeing team deliver a range of health promotion services to support our health and wellbeing program including health information sessions and practical activities, including healthy cooking.

Amanda Burrows, HR/OH&S Officer, McKern Steel

Who do I contact for more information about the Workplace Health and Wellbeing Program or visiting my business?

Please contact our Community Health Nurses Kate Bradshaw or Heather Hinton by calling (03) 5406 1200 or emailing This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. today.