Life education for teenagers with a focus on the realities of pregnancy, birth and parenting.

What is Core of Life?

Core of Life is a program designed to show the realities of pregnancy, birth and early parenting to adolescents aged 12 to 17.

The program provides realistic and factual understanding about the journey to becoming a parent.

Core of Life is being implemented in 240 high schools and community groups across Australia.

Each three-hour Core of Life session (time-frame flexible) is delivered by a trained midwife and health promotion worker.

Core of Life aims to:

  • Reduce teenage pregnancies.
  • Foster personal responsibility.
  • Enable informed choices and decision making.
  • Reduce the isolation, alienation and victimisation of teenage parents.

What topics do you cover with Core of Life?

  • Early changes to a woman’s body in pregnancy.
  • Challenges couples can experience.
  • Unplanned pregnancy versus planned pregnancy.
  • Healthy eating and risk taking behaviours.
  • Birth.
  • The stages of labour.
  • Breastfeeding.
  • Early parenting.
  • The role of the partner.

What are some of the teenage pregnancy risk factors?

  • Australia has a high number of teenage pregnancies.
  • Teen mothers are less likely to access early antenatal care.

Teenagers experience increased rates of:

  • Premature births.
  • Perinatal death.
  • Obstetric/medical complications


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What feedback have you had about the Core of Life program?

Here’s some comments from people who have gone through the Core of Life program:

"I think this program should be run out across all schools, including mainstream." Education support

"Run very effectively with a mix of fun and seriousness. Very enjoyable sessions." Education support

"I loved watching and doing the role plays." Student

"I loved how they showed actual childbirth and explain things that don’t get spoken of." Student

"I enjoyed the role plays." Student

What is the cost of Core of Life?

The great news is Core of Life is free. We work with secondary schools and other community organisations to deliver the program.

Who should I contact about the Core of Life program?

If you would like more information or make a booking for the next program please contact our Core of Life co-ordinator Siobhan Sullivan by email on This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or call (03) 5448 1653 during business hours.