UPDATE: Bendigo Community Health Services staff have donated another 25,000 meals to Bendigo Foodshare just in time for the Million Meals in March campaign.

The BCHS staff workplace giving program generated $1621 for Bendigo Foodshare with each $1 equating to 16 meals.

EARLIER: A Bendigo Community Health Services workplace giving program has donated more than 40,000 meals to Bendigo Foodshare.

BCHS CEO Kim Sykes said staff were keen to support Bendigo Foodshare’s fantastic work in reducing food poverty in the community.

“The food comes from 15 producers and retailers and is used for school breakfast programs so our kids don’t go hungry, community meals groups who supply meals for those doing it tough and emergency relief agencies to help those individuals and families experiencing extreme hardship,” Ms Sykes said.

“Bendigo Foodshare provide enough food for about 14,000 people every month. That’s over one million kilograms of food each year.

“Foodshare can only run thanks to their volunteers. So we thought we could give them some valuable support. Just $1 will provide food for 16 meals.”

BCHS staff member Angela McKinley joined the Workplace Giving Program to support people in the community benefitting from Bendigo Foodshare.

“My contribution is automatically deducted from my salary, so the process is very easy. It is tax deductible and you get a sense of community spirit and achievement when you hear of the positive effects that Bendigo Foodshare have had locally,” Angela said.

“It’s always rewarding to know you have contributed in making someone else’s life a little easier and ensuring that such as basic need such as food is being provided. For such a small donation the benefits to the community are huge.”

Another BCHS staff member Mary-Anne Richardson was also keen to help the community through the Workplace Giving Program.

“In an ideal world, everyone would look out for the people in their community and then there wouldn’t be anyone going without meals during tough times. Making a donation each pay day to Bendigo Foodshare is a small way that I can help look out for the people in our community.”