The Bendigo Community Health Services Thursday Soup Kitchen is feeding a need in Bendigo.

Free meals are available from the kitchen between 4pm and 4.45pm each Thursday in the Fork In The Road community hub at 165-171 Hargreaves Street.

Any community donations to the Thursday Soup Kitchen are used to cover plates, takeaway containers, knives, forks, napkins and food.

Strath Village IGA donates chickens, JL King and Co gourmet salads and Tuyen Nguyen from Strath Hill Hot Bake bread.

The Department of Justice supports the Soup Kitchen in making up meals.

''We really encourage people to come in, sit down and have a bite to eat, whether it's a single meal or for a family of seven,'' Bendigo Community Health Services CEO Kim Sykes said.

''Some people might prefer to come and get some free soup and bread to take home and eat or share with others - that's fine, too.

''We have been able to support many people across the community, serving anywhere between two and 30 meals each week.''

Strath Village IGA manager Tim Mannix said the store was quick to jump on board when approached to support the Soup Kitchen.

"Soup kitchen is a great idea to help out those in need," Mr Mannix said.

"When I visited the Soup Kitchen and saw the appreciation from people who are doing it a bit tough at the moment, it was a good feeling knowing we could do something to help out."

The Soup Kitchen also appreciated support from IGA Strath Village, JL King and Co, Strath Hill Hot Bake and the Department of Justice.

Please call 5448 1600 if you have a question, need more information or would like to support the free Thursday Soup Kitchen.