Bendigo TAFE community services student Cameron Jones completed a placement with our Humanitarian Settlement Services team in 2016. 

Cameron shares his thoughts on the experience …

“I was welcomed into the team from day one and encouraged to make contributions and felt supported to participate as much as possible, not only by the settlement team, but by all the staff at BCHS.

“The experience and skills I gained from my placement exceeded my expectations.

“I was engaged the entire time, working with my colleagues to develop programs and activities aimed at promoting positive settlement outcomes. I was involved in the planning stages, engaging participants and delivering programs to a range of participants. The opportunity to learn and grow within the organisation was only limited by my available time.

“The comprehensive induction process and ongoing guidance and support provided by my supervisor and BCHS staff gave me the confidence to push beyond my comfort zone, resulting in a deeper understanding and ability to work with CALD clients and issues relevant to the settlement of migrants and refugees from non-English speaking backgrounds.

“As a community services student, the scope and diversity of my student placement role was complimentary to the units of study completed and provided a greater understanding and opportunity to put that study into practice.

“I am proud of the part I played during my placement and honoured to have had the opportunity to work with the team at BCHS.

“The knowledge, experiences and relationships developed throughout my placement will be of great value as I navigate the course ahead.

“Though my placement has come to an end, I am excited to be continuing on with BCHS as a volunteer.”