Become involved in community health and have a say about the health of your community.

Why become a Member?

As a member you can contribute to our current and future direction, supporting your local community.

Members are entitled to the following:

Why we need Members

Bendigo Community Health Services values the engagement, participation and involvement of community.

This makes sure that our community, members and patient/clients have a voice.

Membership criteria

If you are over the age of 18 years and either:

How to become a Member

Becoming a Member of Bendigo Community Health Services Ltd requires that you complete an application form and return it to Bendigo Community Health Services.

All applications are considered by the Board who are required to formally endorse membership.

What is the role of the Board of Bendigo Community Health Services Limited?

The Directors of the Bendigo Community Health Services Board are responsible for ensuring we achieve our Vision, Mission, Strategic Directions and Objectives and, in doing so, meets all compliance requirements. These duties are carried out on behalf of our community and key stakeholders including State and Federal Government.

Our constitution

To read a copy of the Bendigo Community Health Services constitution  pdf click here (975 KB)

Membership application form

Personal details

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