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Women's Health Week


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Women's Health Week - Your Body, Your Life video series highlights week of celebrations in Bendigo

Women's Health Week will run from today to Friday in 2020.

We're planning some great activities to celebrate and recognise the importance of women's health.

It's all in support of our community and the Jean Hailes Women's Health Week activities across Australia.

Our Health Promotion and Women's Health Clinic staff have been busy making videos for a Your Body, Your Life series to give you an indepth look at important issues.

Questions: Find out how you can ask our Women's Health Clinic team any questions you mighthave around women's health at the bottom of this post.

The Your Body, Your Life series will feature:

Sunday night - September 6

A history of women's health at BCHS: Dedicated to improving access to services.

Take a look back at how the hard work and dedication of our women's health staff has improved access to services and affordability for women in Greater Bendigo and beyond. 

Monday - September 7

Morning: Contraception and women's reproductive health - We're here to help (Part 1).

Our sexual health nurse Mary-Anne talks about short term contraception options and their success rates.

Afternoon: Contraception and women's reproductive health - We're here to help (Part 2).

Our sexual health nurse Mary-Anne talks about longer term contraception options and their success rates and emergency contraception.

Tuesday - September 8

Morning: Puberty - There is hair now there!

Our Health Promotion team member Siobhan talks puberty, the changes girls will see in their bodies and why these are happening.


Afternoon: Consent - Thinking about sex?

Our Women's Health Clinic nurse practitioner Louise explains sexual consent and why this matters.

Wednesday - September 9

Morning: Sexually transmissible infection (STIs) - You CAN ask that.

Our Women's Health Clinic nurse Rebekah and Health Promotion worker Siobhan talk STIs and the importance of getting tested.

Afternoon: Cancer screening for women - When was your last check?

Our Women's Health Clinic nurse Rebekah talks about cervical, breast and bowel cancers and the importance of a regular check up.

Thursday - September 10

Morning: Healthy mind and healthy living - Don't let that 'Inner Witch' rule your life.

Our Women's Health Clinic nurse Mary-Anne talks about the need for you to feel good about yourself.

Keeping a healthy mind is important and there's things you can do around self-care to make a difference.

That includes keeping your 'Inner Voice' in check so you can keep that 'Inner Witch'in her place!

Afternoon: Women's health for all genders - Featuring special guest Andie telling their story. (LGBTQIA+)

We are truly thankful to Headspace Bendigo HEY Diversity Worker Maree and special guest Andie for this valuable insight into the healthcare needs of all genders with a focus on important reminders such as the need for self care, finding the right GP, exercise and regular STI testing.

Friday - September 11

Morning: Menopause: The big M for women.

Doctor Poornima from our Women's Health Clinic runs through what menopause is, the symptoms you might experience, what you can expect through this change and the possible treatments that might help.


Afternoon: Women's health for the LGBTIQ+ community

Claudia from Thorne Harbour Country makes a guest appearance in our Your Body, Your Life series to talk about some important women's health issues that the LGBTIQ+ community must consider including watching alcohol consumption and staying on top of cervix testing.


We will premiere a new video from the Your Body, Your Life series each day of Women's Health Week via this post and our social media platforms so stay tuned!

This will work in well with the Jean Hailes for Women's Health Week themes for each day:

Monday: Gynological issues explained.

Tuesday: The heart.

Wednesday: Guts, bladder and bowel.

Thursday: Mental health.

Friday: Financial health (a new theme this year).

Question and answer sessions with our staff

Watching these videos is probably going to raise questions for you.

The good news is our Women's Health Clinic staff will be available to answer them via email at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. between 3.30pm and 4.30pm each day of  Women's Health Week.

WH4 web

Women's health has always been important to us 

Our commitment to providing timely and affordable access to quality care has seen our Women's Health Clinic build from one GP and one nurse half a day a week 14 years ago to today's service which features several GPs and sexual health nurses based at our Central and Eaglehawk sites.

So we are also making a special look back at the history of of women's health video to give you an insight into how far these services have come in Bendigo for the good of all women.

Our Central site is home to regional Victoria's first Women's Sexual and Reproductive Health Hub and we're pretty proud of that. Sadly, Coronavirus means these services must be delivered from our Eaglehawk site for the moment.

To learn more about our Women's Health Clinic click here


Last updated: September 10, 2020

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